100% Recyclable

Our aluminium is here to stay and be used by generations to come.

Local Production

Short distances help in every way. Less cost, less time, better communication, more support.


International quality, locally produced at most competetive pricing.


Wyda exports throughout Southern and Western-Africa.

Free Delivery

For orders above 10 boxes within GP and Cape Town.

ISO Certification

We commit to short delivery times and excellent support. Our ISO 22000 is under way.


Below you can view our South African manufactured aluminium foil containers, dishes and trays. We also offer heavy duty household foil "catering foil" in packs of 6 in a box. Click on image to read specs. The containers are packed in various pack sizes from 250 - 1000 units in a box, including lids if applicable. In addition, we also supply a huge product-variety from our Brazilian factories, which you can view here - larger quantities only.

  • W4153
  • W3001
  • W4133
  • W4051
  • W4191
  • W4161
  • W3011
  • W4173
  • W4011
  • W2DIV
  • W4153pd
  • W4133pd
  • W3001PD
  • W4153bd
  • W4133bd
  • W4153hbd
  • W4133hbd


We will look at each customer individually and quote on their specific requirements, in order to offer the best possible price.
Our current minimum order is one box of 250 units, in combo or plain.

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Aluminium is economical, safe and ecologically sensible.

- Aluminium is the most commonly used metal after steel
- Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust
- Aluminum is the third most abundant chemical element on earth after oxygen and silicon

Are Wyda Containers Microwavable?

Follow the steps shown in the video if you want to us Wyda aluminium containers safely in a microwave.

Advantages … for users and consumers


The smooth surface is easy to clean and odorless. Aluminium is therefore ideal for use under sterile and germ-free conditions - areas with high hygienic requirements such as laboratories, hospitals or food processing.

Fully recyclable

The extraction of aluminum is energy intensive, but old aluminum can be easily melted and reused 100%. Only 5% of the energy is consumed!

Lightweight and very stable

The density of aluminum is about 2.6 to 2.8 g per cm 3. This is about 1/3 of the density of steel, which is why aluminum is also called "light metal". Despite its low weight aluminum has a very high strength.


Even with an extremely long shelf life, moisture cannot diffuse through the metal.

Impact-resistant and high strength

The surface of an aluminium plate is dented by impact, but the impact energy is absorbed by the deformation. This property is important for almost all WYDA products. It makes them durable and extremely durable even under unfavorable conditions.

Insensitive to temperature fluctuations

The material properties remain constant in the temperature range from -80 to +150 ° C. Even extreme temperatures tolerate aluminum without losing its properties. In extreme cold, aluminum becomes even harder and its hardness increases!

Resistant to UV radiation

Long durability and extreme UV radiation have no effect on this material.

Corrosion-resistant and protects itself

When exposed to oxygen from the air, the aluminium surface is coated with a dense oxide layer, which, if damaged, is immediately renewed and the underlying metal is protected against corrosion.

Magnetically neutral

Aluminium is free from ferromagnetism. For certain applications, e.g. in laboratories, this material property can be of great importance.

About Us

Wyda Packaging South Africa is the latest expansion of the family owned packaging business "Wyda Embalagens" from Sorocaba, Brazil. Wyda focuses on the production of disposable aluminium foil containers, trays and dishes for the food producing and catering industry. Additionally Wyda Brazil produces various PVC products from cling-wrap to household gloves. As the largest in its field in South America and with the experience of more than 24 years, we are confident to provide the best quality and service for the South African market. We are committed to producing packaging that preserves the quality of its intended content. We apply stringent quality measures during procurement and production to ensure that our high standards are met.




1st of January 1992 - Wyda Embalagens (Sorocaba, Brazil)
20th March 2016 - Wyda Packaging (Johannesburg, South Africa)


Brazil ISO 9001 certified
South Africa B-BBEE Level 4, ISO 22000 in process

Member of

Metpac-SA is a producer responsibility organisation to represent the interests of the metal packaging industry in South Africa.


Our mission is to provide products and services that make life easier for consumers with convenience, quality and sustainability, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers. Being recognized as the best company in the disposable packaging segment.

Our Address

Wyda Packaging (Pty) Ltd
102 Plane Road
Spartan, Kempton Park 1619
South Africa

  JHB (087) 803 9340 or (011) 570 1837
  CPT (021) 697 1861
  Mon-Fri 8:00 - 16:30
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